Meet The Roost Consignment Boutique

We’re more than just a consignment shop. We’re an active member of this community. Find out what inspires us.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Leelanau County: Cedar, Empire, Glen Arbor, Glen Lake, Lake Leelanau, Leland, Maple City, Northport, & Suttons Bay along with our surrounding areas: Lake Ann, Long Lake, and Traverse City a place to consign items and shop.

Our focus is to reduce the impact of new items being manufactured by reusing gently loved items. Beyond our conscious environmental decision making, we strive to offer great deals to our customers and make our consignors money.

We Love our Community

Throughout the year we focus on giving back to our community. We pick local events to help out with or charities to promote. Along with caring about the people in our community, we care about our environment. Learn how The Roost makes conscious decisions and supports Leelanau County.

The Roost Consignment

The Roost’s History

In 2013 we established The Roost Consignment Boutique. Since opening our doors we’ve continuously grown. As of right now, we support 1,500+ consignors and are still growing. Throughout the years we’ve expanded from a little consignment store to a large boutique that has something for everyone. In recent years, we’ve added children’s consignment to help support the local community. Not only are we a local favorite, we’re often visited by tourists. Many tourists visiting for the summer partake in shopping and consigning at our boutique.

Family First

The Roost Consignment Boutique has strong ties to family life. Pictured to the right is Maddie and Eric, owner Charlette’s Children. They grew up around the quaint boutique, creating strong principles of family. When consignors come into The Roost Consignment Boutique, they’re not just another consignor number. They’re treated like family.

When asked about customers, The Roost Consignment Boutique team responded, “we love getting to know our customers personally. When they come in the boutique to consign, we don’t just take their stuff. We get to chat with them, hear about their family, talk about community activities, and build relationships.”

Maddie & Eric in 2014

Our Community

The Roost Consignment Boutique loves being involved in the local community. Throughout the year the team decides how they can give back and support their local areas. Here are some of the the ways that The Roost Consignment Boutique have given back in the past year. If you know of any outreach projects that need support contact The Roost to see if it would be the right fit.

Leelanau County Cancer Foundation

The Roost loves supporting the Leelanau County Cancer Foundation, the consignment boutique annually hosts a table at the Leelanau County Cancer foundation. They strive to create their table only using consignment items from the store to display how great reusing to reduce can look.

The Roost Consignment loves supporting Leelanau County Cancer Foundation because they help local cancer patients along with their families by raising funds. We love that in the past 11 years they’ve supported almost 200 residents in our community. Since LCCF was established in 2016 they’ve been able to give back almost $140,000 in grants to the community.

The Roost’s Table

Suttons Bay Wine & Art Walk

The Roost annually supports the Suttons Bay Wine & Art Walk. This event occurs in June and again in October. During this time they stay open later, serve a local cocktails, and hosts local artists in the store. The Roost shares their venue with these artists in hopes to give them more publicity and sales. This helps the community because proceeds from the art work go to a local charity.

This past year we hosted Judy Webster a glass and quilt artist. The proceeds raised from her art sales were donated to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.

Charlette and Judy

We Support the School

When there are opportunities to help local schools, The Roost decides to help out. This past year they were flocked by the local Suttons Bay High School to support the Senior Class.

The Roost supports education and young learning. Inspired by students they created Senior and Student Day. On Wednesdays they give an additional 15% off to all students.

Our consignment shop was flocked.

Our Environment:

Our amazing planet inspires The Roost Consignment Boutique. Due to their admiration they’ve decided to make conscious efforts to combat the fast fashion industry AND practice reusing to reduce in the store.

Our environment is important to The Roost. The consignment shop makes conscious decisions to help improve our environment, by reusing resources to reduce waste. When you shop at The Roost, you’ll notice that they decide to reuse plastic, paper, and boxes when wrapping up a customer’s purchases after checking out. Check out how consignment helps protect the environment.