Consignment Shopping

Benefits of Resale Shopping

The Roost Consignment is a consignment shop, which means we resell a number of items such as women’s, men’s, and children’s accessories and apparel. We also resell items that include furniture, home goods, and home décor. During this process we start item selection through consignor scheduled meetings. This allows our undivided attention to focus on selecting items for our consignment shop. Ultimately, we choose items that are gently loved and have a lot of life left in them. We believe in quality products that have little to no wear. Other features we look for are if the the item is popular, vintage, or unique.

Consignment shopping or resale is perfect for people who are looking to get rid of gently loved items they no longer use, make extra cash with ease, or buy brandname/unique items for a fraction of a price.

The Roost Consignment Boutique

Difference between Thrifting and Consigning

Thrift Resale and Shopping

Thrift stores and thrift shopping are often based off of donated items for resale. Often times thrift stores are ran for a non-profit cause or organization. When donating to a thrift shop, the donators will not receive money for items but a possible tax deduction depending on the amount donated. Because items are donated, they’re often times not as high in quality. You can still find hidden treasures at thrift shops, it’s usually more difficult though.

Even though we are not a thrift shop, The Roost Consignment Boutique still supports thrift shops. We often donate resale items that do not fit the store’s needs to local thrift shops and we have a service for consignors that do not wish to pick their items up that did not sell-we will take them and donate them to a thrift store upon request.

Consignment Resale and Shopping

During consignment process, consignors bring in items that are evaluated before being accepted into the store to sell. There is a quality check system in place. Consignment shops take items that have little to no wear. We want to ensure buyers that they’re purchasing something with a lot of life left. Even though it may feel like a little more hassle than just dropping your items off at a place to donate, it pays in the long run. The items that sell give consignors a chance to make an average of 30% to 50% cash back on the items sold.

At The Roost Consignment our consignors are given a chance to redeem their account for money- cash back or use it on their next shopping trip with The Roost.

Why We Support both: Consignment Shopping and Thrift Resale

Do it for the People

We love that both of the resale systems support people. Thrifting is focused on giving back to non-profits and others in need. Consignment is a means to support consignors by earning them cash or by providing workers in our local community with jobs. Both of them also give shoppers an option to purchase items that are more affordable than purchasing them first-hand. Often as consumers, we’re paying for a name rather than just the item. This allows you an opportunity to purchase gently loved items at a fraction of the price.

As an avid consignment and thrift shopper, I’d like to add that they both give us a chance as a consumer to purchase unique items. These items might be one-of-a-kind or vintage. It’s fantastic that there are so many great pieces being resold.

Do it for the Environment

It’s truly amazing that both consignment shopping and thrift resale give items a second chance at life. So often items are never used or are used frequently and then end up at a landfill. This gives gently used items a renewed life. By reusing to reduce we’re minimizing textile waste, waste of goods, and potentially lowering the carbon footprint depending on if you’re located close to the resale shop. Think about how far our clothes travel before getting to a store. If we’re in the local community shopping resale, you’re not adding to the carbon footprint. Learn more about other resale environmental impact and how fast fashion has negatively impacted our environment.

Beyond Shopping

If you have decided consignment shopping isn’t for you, you can still be a part of the reuse to reduce system and support others. We still encourage you to participate in the consignor part of the system. You can make a positive impact on our environment by consigning. Schedule your appointment today below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to help.

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Ready to consign? To ensure the best consignor experience, we schedule consignment appointments to drop off items. During this time we hand select items that are most likely to sell in the store. Your appointment is only a click away. Let us know what dates and times work for you.

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